Leaving Comments Like a Superhero

Other ways to improve the amount of visitors to your site can include search engine optimization (SEO), article writing, forum posting, social media and much much more. But if guest blogging is the super hero of gaining traffic (let’s say Batman), then his trusty sidekick companion would be commenting on other blogs (yup, that’s Robin). Leaving comments on other blog posts does several things to help you increase the readership of your blog.

Gaining Targeted Traffic from Commenting

A great thing about commenting on other blogs is that the traffic can be extremely targeted. Let’s take a look at an example.

Let’s say you own a blog about technology and you read someone else’s blog post comparing two new phones. After you read the post you decide to leave a comment.

I disagree that the IPhone 4 is the best phone out right now. The T-Mobile G2X has a dual-core processor and has NVidia graphics to make it the most advanced phone out. The IPhone 4 can’t touch it.

A comment like this is great because it shows that you are knowledgeable about technology and that you aren’t scared to give an opinion. This can cause a good comment debate and get some attention.

People coming to your blog from this link are targeted traffic because you know they are already interested in technology. Leaving good comments can really help to build your subscribers list.

Recognition Through Commenting

Almost every blogger is obsessive over their comments. They read every single comment that is posted. And it’s not just the bloggers either. Many readers will continue reading the comments after a blog post is finished.

What’s this mean for you?

This means that every time you comment on a blog, your face and website is being seen. The more you post comments, the more people will begin to recognize you and associate you with your blog.

Posting comments does need to be done right though! A proper comment should indicate that you read the article and that you have something to contribute.

“Great post” is simply NOT acceptable. It’s pointless, a waste of time and annoying. Don’t do it.

Build Relationships by Commenting

Building relationships through commenting kind of goes hand in hand with the previous point of recognition.  Most of the comments left on blogs are by bloggers themselves.

This means the people you are being recognized by are also your fellow peers as well as the person writing the blog. If you continue to leave smart, insightful and high quality comments then you will get people’s attention.

Connecting with other bloggers is essential to growing your blog.

Another great thing about being recognized is that when you offer to do a guest post, the author of the blog already knows who you are. This can greatly increase your chance of getting accepted for a blog post!

After all, who wants to be stuck with Robin when you could be Batman?