Knowledge Platforms

Living up to our philosophy of encouraging original thinking. We create a unique set of Knowledge Sharing Initiatives in the form of events and workshops to engage various audiences on topics that are of special interest to them and provide networking opportunities.Our Innovation Centric Knowledge Sharing Initiatives act as a platform for comprehensive exchange of knowledge.

Break Line


Misfire is a platform created by Innovative Ideators to celebrate the joy of learning from mistakes.It invites leaders from various walks of life who are winners just because they had courage to atleast make an attempt without caring for success or failure.

Here, they share their experiences, learning, difficulties they faced, situations they dealt with and people they met on their journey.Students, professionals and young entrepreneurs can take part in this very unique format of unconference that gives you the opportunity to learn from others’ mistakes and emerge wiser in the process.


MythBusters is an unconference that showcases courage, intent and action that creates path breaking developments.We showcase Industry leaders to challenge accepted wisdom, questioned popular beliefs and busted various myths associated with business and life in general.

The speakers from various walks of life, who didn’t look back despite all the hurdles in their way, took up the challenge and proved the world wrong with their determination and success. Here, they share their experiences, knowledge, difficulties they faced, and how they combat all of them to achieve that rare success, which separates them from the rest.This unconference is hosted in various unconventional locations across the country for students, professionals and young entrepreneurs to learn how to achieve success by challenging established norms and firmly believing in self.