Why Deciding Your Niche Can Make or Break Your Blog

Ever since starting this blog I spend most of my days thinking about things I can do to make it better. Niche is the most important thing!

Almost every minute of my twelve hour work days are spent thinking about all different aspects of this blog. I’m always in a rush to get home so I can type up a post or do more research.

I spend a lot of time reading other popular blogs to learn everything that I can. Shout out to Problogger.net and Copyblogger.com!

All things considered, I think it is safe to say:

I’m obsessed.

Rewind to the Beginning

It didn’t always use to be this way. I have created (well I’ve tried at least) blogs and I have tried different ways to make money in the past. None of those things lasted very long though.

I never stayed motivated enough to carry on with them and I would never feel like working on them because it felt like too much “real work”.  The funny thing is that this blog has taken much more work than all of my other ventures put together and yet it does not seem like work. It is fun.

I have started blogs and I have put together half-finished websites. I have bought stupid programs that promise you to “make money online fast”. By now I know, as I am sure you do, that these programs are completely BS and are just trying to get your money.

What’s different about this blog is that this is where my heart is. Blogging and making money are subjects I love. I enjoy researching and learning more about his subject. I enjoy writing the posts and sharing my experiences.

I know that people always tell you to write about something you enjoy doing. The only problem was that what I enjoyed doing I did not have much experience in. I have not made more than a few hundred bucks off the internet. Why would people want to listen to me if I have not become successful yet?

My Realization

There came a time when some friends started asking me about how people use the internet to make money. So naturally I started explain about blogs and websites, Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, PPC campaigns and email marketing.

I went into depth about each of these things and how they work.

I now realize that even though I may not have made that much money online, I know more about it than any other person I know. I can explain all aspects of making money, building lists, writing content, headline creation, and much much more.

So why can’t I make a blog to share this information?

Your niche decides your success

When starting out, I created a bunch of different sites about things I was not passionate about. Therefore my content was subpar, my work ethic wasn’t there and I was only interested in trying to make money.

That’s why when making a website it should not only be about making money. Even if that is you main motivation, your site should still be about something you love and are passionate about.

Making money can be done in any niche, so don’t pick a popular one just because you think it will be easier. It will not.

If you have been waiting to create your blog or website because you don’t think you are an “expert” in your field than you are only hurting yourself. Anyone can become an expert with enough research!

Don’t wait no more.

Get started with your blog and most importantly remember to have fun!