About Us

Do you think people outside an organization can provide fresher and bolder perspectives on new product/ service development, customer relationship management, marketing & branding solutions, etc.? To an extent it is true because they think sans any limitation and hence bring innovative and more practical ideas on the table viz-a-viz a manufacturer’s understanding of the marketplace. Companies today have realized the importance of same and therefore tapping into the collective intelligence of people at large to arrive at game changing business solutions. This is what crowdsourcing is all about – generating powerful business ideas using the collective passion, creativity and insights of general public and in turn creating value for all.

Today, world’s strongest brands are applying this new paradigm of crowdsourcing in their marketing and innovation strategies. While Coca-cola has harnessed the power of this tool to crack a major positioning problem, Google has utilised it to create the famous Google Chrome icon. Back home, Indian Government has also used crowdsourcing in the recent past to create and launch the new global rupee symbol. And the list goes on and on.

Innovative Ideators’ Inception

The year was 2011. Crowdsourcing, a huge phenomenon globally, was brought to India in form of ‘Innovative Ideators’ by 3 young entrepreneurs – Dinesh Goel, Rahul Vaidya and Pankaj Acharya. The prime objective of this company is to create and promote a culture of innovation through crowdsourcing. It brings young professionals and students from top educational institutes of the country on one common platform where they can share innovative business solutions with various established companies, start-ups, experts and developers.

Last year, in a well-driven initiative taken by Innovative Ideators, over 8000 bright students from top 100 post graduation schools of the country including ISB, IIMs, IITs, XLRI, FMS and the likes pitted against each other to provide path-breaking business ideas to corporate challengers like Britannia, Airtel, Mad(e) In India, Britannia Foods and iInteract Learning Solutions.

In the year 2012, the company has plans to promote this challenge on a much bigger scale. The reach of the competition this time will be truly infinite in terms of its potential to generate ideas for a diverse range of business needs which will cover areas like human capital, business model, brand strategy, marketing, operation management and loyalty management.

In the times to come, crowdsourcing is going to drive the future of businesses as it opens the door to infinite possibilities. And Innovative Ideators, with its expertise, vast reach and mentors of international repute is all set to make it big in this thriving space.